Artisan Easter eggs

artisan peace

Childhood memories of Easter – growing up in an immigrant family – include memories of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. Actually my only ‘dislike’ was the period of Lent – which was ever so serious and strict both at home and at school. The nuns at our Catholic elementary school fiercely adhered to the observation of Lent – which made the fourty days seem almost unbearable.

What I did look forward to was decorating Easter eggs (called ‘margučiai‘ in Lithuanian) with my Mom – who was a pro of traditional Easter egg decorating. She passed down the tradition, which she had learned while growing up in Lithuania. Each year my skill level improved and by the time I was a teenager my Easter eggs were looking good.

Yet as they say – there’s good and then there’s great.

Upon moving to Lithuania, I began attending art gallery exhibits which featured…

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