6 Ways to Incorporate Ombre into Your Living Room By Jane Blanchard

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Ombre, ombre, ombre everywhere! Have you seen the trends lately? Ombre is taking the world by storm both in fashion and decorating! What’s more fun than the gradient of your favorite colors? Ombre is the perfect way to execute a color themed living space without making everything look painfully matchy-matchy. With ombre in the room, you get a good sized palette of shades that you can use for accents or furniture pieces.

Here are some fun ways to use ombre and bring that great pop of color into your living room:

1. Walls

image                                                     (via: Interior Junkie)

Paint is one of the most cost efficient and basic ways to bring color into a room. The best thing about having an ombre wall is that it sets the tone and color scheme for the rest of the space. You’ll know exactly which colors are in the palette.

Tip: As to not be overwhelming with the effect, use ombre as an accent wall.                    Here’s a fun DIY how-to for you to try!

2. Stairs

image                                                               (via: Pinterest )

Stairs are the perfect place where breaks in color will feel totally natural. It’s a unique way to bring some personality into those stairs while guaranteeing even spacing for each shade.

Tip: Save on paint costs by buying the darkest shade and just add white for each step!

3. Curtains

image(via: All Day Chic)

I don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely in love with this look! This works incredibly well with the darkest colors on the outside which hide the break from the wall to window. Bringing lighter colors to center gives the illusion that the window is extra bright!

Tip: Use sheer curtains for a maximum light and airy feel.

4. Floor Rug

Bring together your throws and pillows with an ombre rug to round out your color scheme. Rugs are a very central object and the colors and patterns chosen can really bring a room together.

image                                           (via: iVillage)

5. Cabinet or Bookshelf Insides

Here’s a fun DIY project that you can apply to any boring old cabinet of bookshelf. It brings out a fun pop of color to any empty spaces in your shelving. Give your books or knickknacks a fun backdrop with some ombre paint!

image                                                   (via DIY Design Fanatic )

Here’s a fun how-to to get you started!

6. Upholstery

Another fun and easy DIY! Simply take some fabric spray paint to add some personality to your furniture. Revamp that old armchair or ottoman to your new favorite place to read a book or snuggle with your puppy.

image                                               (via: Pinterest)

Tip: Give it an extra kick by finding matching throws and accent pillows!

Need inspiration for your home? Check out Modernize, a website for home ideas, tips and inspiration.


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