Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

                 It’s the most beautiful time of the year!
I have chosen a few images of trimmed Christmas trees that I found on internet.
Red, silver and white ornaments, garland, colorful elements, lights, a burlap pouch, a rustic wood box, the options are endless for the perfect Christmas tree!
Add a few more colourful elements (blue & green) and some lights (not too many) and this is the PERFECT christmas tree!  source: IronAccents

Christmas Design Ideas  source: HB

      Christmas Tree envy - simple using white and silver ornaments only x Love!  source: Better Homes and gardens

Lovely   source: pinterest

 How to pick the right wreath and tree size, Ideas for a beautiful gold Christmas tree,  source: HowToDecorate

MAZZWonen-- #Inspiratie #Decoratie #Styling #Kerstboom #Kerstmis #Christmas #Home #DIY   source: pinterest

Dashing through the snow with #MichaelMakers at the #dreamtreechallenge. For unexpected Christmas tree decorations check out my site   source: lia griffith

Get creative with what you put your tree in - an old bucket, a rustic wood box, a burlap pouch....the possibilities are endless!   source: LogCabinPrimitives

Simply beautiful!    source: hviturlakkris