Decorating ideas for dorm room

Inspired by Modern Furniture company Modani I have created using my favorite appication olioboard the following style boards for a dorm room.

Let’s dream about the dorm room! First select the furniture, lamps, decorative items and in collaboration with the decorator we create design boards. Then we proceed to the next step who is to purchase the furniture and objects that find correct application in our space.

-Modern black and white, lime, grey in combination with an open and shiny room or not: OB-dorm room

OB-The Dorm Room

ComputerCoffee cupWorkSchoolClock

-In the same style with a splash of red with these lovely armchairs:Dorm room by konstadina nastou

-and a little bit more cozy, with the following selection of furniture pink pillows, colorful ottomans:OB-Dorm Room by konstadina nastou

Enjoy on line shopping from modani

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