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Sandra Korka was born in Thessaloniki and graduated from the Anatolia College, the American Highschool of the city. Sandra studied architecture at the University of Greenwich in London and upon returning to Greece, founded Square Design Interiors. In parallel and for a decade, she taught Interior Design at a local higher education institution delivering UK university courses.

 Square Design Interiors, having had the valuable professional experience of the past 18 years, focuses on the design and construction of interior spaces, providing complete solutions on residential, retail and commercial projects all over Greece and the Balkans. Furthermore, following current technology, all design services can be provided online, without any geographical limitation. Finally and as a consequence of the strong professional bonds with abroad, Square Design Interiors has recently partnered with the Italian studio AlkyTECA, a studio of architecture and engineering, joining design perspectives and professional forces. The creative partnership of the two practices provides excellent executed projects in both countries.


Total Renovation of a Small Apartment, Thessaloniki

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The total renovation and change of use of a 6th floor old apartment took place in the city center of Thessaloniki. The former arrangement of the apartment was following past classic forms and functions of domestic living, which divided the various uses within small rooms. This fact did not serve the needs and requirements of the new users and so dramatic changes had to be considered.

In the process of the new design scheme, simple lines were used in conjunction with white walls and white surfaces, in order to give the illusion of a larger space. The only element that was kept from the old apartment was the outer shell and that in fact was thermal and sound proof treated. Moving on with a client-oriented design, considering the habits and aesthetics of the new users, the brand new apartment arrangement was composed of a master bedroom, a home office, an open plan living room and kitchen area, as well as of a significantly bigger bathroom than the former one. The bathroom included a built-in shower with marble tile coating that was secluded by transparent security glass panels.

The verandahs were quite lavish and they were designed in such a way as to offer privacy, by the use of “walls” of high plants. Two built-in raised flower beds separated the outer space from the neighboring ones, their short walls covered with ivory decorative brick. The atmospheric light coming from a specially designed insert actually transformed the space at night time, especially when used with the floor integrated lighting. In parallel, the deck floor of the exterior space created a continuation of the interior space outwards. Furthermore, the door window of the living room was totally redesigned and the new version folded externally, in order to keep as much of the interior space free as possible. Having followed this certain design strategy, the kitchen and living room open plan space was actually enlarged during a great period of the year, considering the mild Greek climate.

k_1Σάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blogΣάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blogΣάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blogΣάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blog

Camera-ceiling details:

Σάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blogΣάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blogΣάντρα Κορκά - Square Design Interiors on {.k.} blog



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