Industrial look

Secondalinea Studio in Italy  "Giovanni Mazza and Francesca Dalla Costa created a recycled furniture design company, Secondalinea in the northern region of Reggio Emilia, Italy, their studio is a former school reinvented as a creative workspace." Via French By Design.via stylizimo love the light, love the rusticnessPicture via Ruth Burts Interiors / the industrial cottagelove the raw materials   An industrial loft in london's strafor medicine cabinet, by Les Nouveaux Brocanteurs brings utility + beauty + industrial design to any urban decor dwelling or big city loft. [photo by Régis Cariou].

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  1. Is that a spool? What a wonderful idea! And I love how you can combine all the chairs from different sources and it still fits somehow. The most eye soothing elements for me are those large industrial lamps though.

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