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OB-K Hello Evandra, give to us a description about: Evandra Interiors“.

Evanra:  Evandra Interiors is about casual living that is fun and elegant. I think the quirk and whimsical elements in my designs and my fearless approach to color come from my Brazilian background.

-What’s your philosophy about interior design?

-I’m firm believer that interior design is much more than creating a beautiful look. It’s about creating a quality of life. A space has to suit the needs of its occupants and reflect their personality.

-What’s your opinion, how our homes should be, so that everyone can feel comfortable?

-It should be filled with soft and durable textiles and have a no fuss-decor with some natural elements. In my experience, people seem to feel more comfortable in places that have some soft and natural elements where they can, of course, kick their feet up and relax.

-Your favorites materials, colors, that you love to use?

-My favorite materials are paint and fabrics. They can be an inexpensive and easy way to transform any room and furnishing. I love colour and at the moment I’m in love with chocolate brown and warm white combo – deliciously elegant.

-Which architects, designer –past or present- do you admire?

-There are several designers, architects, and artists that I admire and inspire me. Some are our favorite HGTV personalities, like Justin and Colin whose daring designs I admire, Debbie Travis and her amazing colour combinations, Sarah Richardson and her pattern combinations. I also love Jeanne Kopacz, Kelly Deck, and Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes (she is amazing!).

-A dream of you?

-My daring dream is to get more customers in Brazil and open my own store to sell some of my own designs in Canada and/or Brazil.

-What’s your first thought when you are hearing: Greece?

-The first image that comes in my mind when I think of Greece is white buildings against blue sky, and then Parthenon, of course, and Greek mythologies. I studied classic Greek literature at University years ago – it was one my favorite topics!



drawings & sketches:243






The project was about creating colorful outdoor living. It was inspired by the colour Tangerine (the colour of the year in 2012). It’s about enlivening outdoor spaces with bold accessories while everything else is kept neutral. Be brave – Be bold!

The plan featured in a major local magazine *East Coast Living*.

Evandra Panych

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***Wonderful project.! I really like the placement of furniture, combination and selection of vibrant colors.!

Thank you Evandra!



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  1. Love the balcony design!

    1. Yes I agree! A great design -including all the details- by Evandra.!
      Thank you~

  2. Wow! I just love the patio. So bold and colourful 🙂

    1. Really it is lovely.!
      Thank you Lissa~ 🙂

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