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“ I am an interior design student. I am not in college for the first time, that was twenty years ago. I returned to school because I have come to the realization that I can’t not decorate. I have also come to the realization that even though I am on my fourth project house with plenty of pit stops along the way for family and friends homes, I want and need to learn more.
I have loved decorating since I was a little girl. I have very fond memories of helping my Mom pick paint colors, wallpaper and carpet when she got the urge to redecorate. Now my daughter likes to help me when I get the urge to redecorate, which is all the time. My family doesn’t even blink anymore when they come home and find some of the living room furniture in the family room, some of the dinning room furniture in my bedroom. Or find something repainted. I have changed the paint in the family room so many times, even I have lost track. I have painted furniture, cabinets, light fixtures, and counter-tops, you name it. Nothing is safe. I also love to shop for fabric and make pillows, drapes, and slip covers.
I wanted to start this blog to share some tips I’ve learned in the last twenty years. Mostly I would like to share ideas and projects with people whose eyes don’t roll or glaze over when I start talking design.
So, why «Mingle Elements»? I have eclectic tastes. I have always had others hand-me-downs and I love to shop for new stuff. I shop consignment shops antique shops, garage sales, Target, Ikea, Home Goods my Mom’s basement, anywhere I think I can uncover my next treasure . I think when it comes to decorating anything goes, old with new, shiny with rough, kitschy with elegant.

My feeling is when you surround yourself with things you love and that make you happy then that’s what makes your home your favorite place to be.”

Thank you Taunnie.!


Olioboards by Taunnie:

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Lofty Dreams

Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Room

Classically Fresh

Boho Bath

modern master bedroom

Juke Box Hero

modern kitchen

sleepy sunroom

the quiet room

Wallpapered Floor

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  1. Thank you so much Konstadina for featuring me and my boards. I love your blog and am truly honored to be included :).

    1. You’re welcome dear Taunnie, it’s my pleasure.!!!
      I love your boards on olioboard.
      Thank you~

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