Coffee time with Debbie Blott~


Debbie is founder of  “décor café”.

She started the decor cafe to use her experience, at work (marketing colour, education and design) and at home (bringing up her family and moving many times) to create a business doing what she loves.

She loves all aspects of creative home making, is an addicted fixer and matchmaker bringing people together to get things sorted and is passionate about original art and design.

Her kitchen has become a hotbed of creativity for like-minded people who enjoy sharing ideas, building skills and creating the finishing touches that make a house a home. And in turn, we help others who are too busy to come along or simply have absolutely no interest in doing it for themselves!

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{.k.}:  Hello Debbie, give to us a description about: «the decor cafe«.

Debbie: The decor cafe is a creative hub of people who appreciate the value of a more individual home.

{.k.}: What’s your philosophy about «decor» ?

 Debbie: My philisophy is that the best decor is decor that you like. Trends and budget are much less important than finding a look that suits your personality.

{.k.}: Tell us your opinion, how our homes should be, so that everyone can feel comfortable ?

Debbie: We are all so much happier when we are wrapped in a home that suits us so that we can relax and be really comfortable.

 {.k.}: Your favorite materials that you love to use?

 Debbie: The raw ingredients of the decor cafe are colour, pattern and texture. I adore fabric and my personal preference is for something soft and luxurious. We all need a bit of luxury and pampering in our life!

 {.k.}: The «decor cafe» team consists of sixteen professionals about, how it’s the experience of working together?

 Debbie: The decor cafe is actually many more than sixteen professionals. We are an ever growing community of creative home experts and the experience of coming together can best be described as utterly fabulous! I have worked in creative environments all my love and still get a buzz when you see ideas appearing and developing as they are bounced around from person to person. Freedom of expression is what it is all about.

 {.k.}: A dream of you?

 Debbie: My dream is that the decor cafe will grow making it easier and more fun for people to create the home that they love

 {.k.}: What’s your first thought when you are hearing: Greece?

 Debbie: Ahh Greece. Greece is very special to me. You may remember that we first connected on twitter when I took a picture of a boat filled with flowers in Greece. I spend a lot of time there with my man. For me it is a place rich with history, adventure and love.


*…..thank you dear Debbie, I wish all the best for you & the décor café.!

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