Apartment *{more than 5000 sq. ft.} in N.Y.C. by Robert Couturier~

Photo ad_ZPGFUSMET28_.jpg

Photo ad_ZPGFUSMET18_.jpg

Photo ad_ZPGFUSMET03__.jpg

Photo ad_ZPGFUSMET22__.jpg

Photo ZPGFUSMET25.jpg

Photo ZPGFUSMET30.jpg

*source: ADmagazine

6 απαντήσεις στο “Apartment *{more than 5000 sq. ft.} in N.Y.C. by Robert Couturier~”

    1. Oh yes it is very special, I also love the yellow touch in this apartment.
      Thank you my dear Charisse~

  1. Thank you for showing my work! But the apartment in question is more like 5000 square feet. Best, Robert

    1. *Thanks for the correction. I apologize for the mistake.
      ~I admire your projects, than I have seen in your site, everything is great!
      Thank you!

    1. Ciao Mirellla.!
      ***Date un’occhiata al loro sito web: http://www.robertcouturier.com/

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