Yiayia Shelf by Greek designer Nikoletta Ververidou on xombli~

Yiayia Shelf by Greek designer Nikoletta Ververidou

produced in collaboration with xombli.com.

yiayia shelf red smallyiayia shelf yellow bigyiayia shelf yellow smallyiayia shelf white big

The Yiayia Shelf is produced in Greece by Nikoletta Ververidou and xombli.com. Ververidou is a young product designer who has also established her own fashion label, Dig Athens. She was born in Stuttgart, Germany, and studied Product Design at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe. She has participated in various design fairs and exhibitions in Cologne, Milan and Paris.

xombli.com is an e-shop, the only of its kind, that sells exclusively Greek design objects anywhere in the world, while, in collaboration with Greek designers like Nikoletta Ververidou, it produces its own line of objects


*source: xombli

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