Sheaffer Pen & "Home Office Design Contest” on olioboard~

On olioboard is running the: «Home Office Design Contest for your chance to WIN!» There are more than 290 entries and the winners will be 3. The contest is coming to the end and here are the choices from «tikib» -her board is on the top from the first day-  and from “paulamariefarmer” who & her board is to the first places.

~Tikib :


Tikib’s 3 top choices for the winners are:

*The first choice is NYCLQs Workspace Grace OBC.  I can visualize this office space for a fashion magazine editor or top executive at a Fortune 500 company.  I chose this board because of its versatility and attention to details.  Not only does she have a desk and chair for the office space but there are multiple seating areas.  This will allo seating options for various clients.  In addition, I loved the way she made the neutral colors stand out to give the space an elegant, clean look. WORKSPACE GRACE OBC

*My 2nd place choice is Office Space by Jane Gianarelli.  I love how Jane was able to mix the vibrant colors in the office space.  In my opinion, this office space speaks to the young and the young at heart.  I believe it would be a perfect design for a young college student or a young person just getting started in the world.  With this board, the young college student or young entrepreneur will not mind studying or working from home in this colorful, fun office.Office Space by Jane Gianarelli

*My choice for 3rd place is I’ve Been Scahffered by LivingSpaces.  I am not sure if this board is in the top 25.  If not, I am hoping it moves up (I vote for it daily).  My reasons for choosing this board is because I loved how she mixed the brick and wood textures together.  In my opinion, the board has a mod, retro, and industrial feel to it. Ive been schaffered

***This was very difficult and I pity the judge who has to choose from all of the awesome designs from the Olioboard community.  I wish you and the rest of the members GOOD LUCK!



~paulamariefarmer :


Paula’s 3 top choices for the winners are:

*1st place: Tikib’s Ideal Dissertation Study Room. This board has been in 1st place for practically the duration of the contest! I think it captures both the functional and fabulous elements – which in my opinion is key to winning the challenge! The room is both light and bright which is a must when using a space to work in, and it has plenty of useful storage too. For these reasons I simply have to choose this as the winning board!Tikib's Ideal Dissertation Study Room

*2nd place: Pillows and Paint- Sunup to Sundown. I think a close contender is this board. Again, I feel it has both functional and fabulous elements to it. It is also light and bright and has plenty of useful storage. Of course, do you know what the best thing about this one is?…………………..that lovely view!! sunup to sundown

*3rd place: Sheaffers to the Wind –Paulamariefarmer. This board is based on a lot of design ideas from my own home – the colour green of the wall, the white office furniture and the many books all on design. It is such a fresh design and is fully functional as an office space and has lots of fabulous things in too – including of course, the wonderful Sheaffer pen collection on the desk!! 3 sheaffers to the wind

Good luck.!



***Many   thanks

to dear olio-Friends Tameka & Paula for the post.!

For everyone is easy to sign in on olioboard & to vote here :

Olioboard Home Office Design Contest

****Good   luck   to   all.!!!

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  1. Hi Konstadina, you are very welcome for my contribution! I am honoured that you asked for my opinion! I would like to take the opportunity of wishing everyone that entered the contest ‘good luck’ and look forward to the announcement of the winners!! ~Paula~

    1. Tameka Brice a.k.a. Tikib Άβαταρ
      Tameka Brice a.k.a. Tikib

      Thank you Paula for choosing my board! Although it will be awesome to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, I am so honored the board garnered such massive attention from my Olioboard community members. Good Luck to you!

  2. Hello Paula!
    Thank you very much for the immediate response.
    Good Luck.!!!

  3. This is just wonderful, @konstadina_n! Thank you for posting it!! Just a slight clarification, though, from my *official* Olioboard self:

    While anyone’s board can win 1st place in the general public voting in ANY of Olioboard’s sponsored contests or design challenges – and we hope everyone enters EVERYTHING — just for the pure fun of it and learning experience, everyone needs to know the following:

    In Sponsored CONTESTS vs. Community Suggested DESIGN CHALLENGES on

    The *Rules* link on the SPONSORED CONTEST entry page on Olioboard will always state the eligibility requirements for which country’s entries are eligible to be forwarded to the judges for actual prizes.

    In Olioboard’s HOME OFFICE contest, with prizes being provided by @Sheaffer_Page pens, the Top 25 boards with the most votes – from the 2 eligible countries in this contest, the US and Canada, will be forwarded to Erika McMahon, who will select her 3 winners of the pens on Monday afternoon!

    Be watching, first, for the winners!

    Best of luck to everyone entered and voting! So many of the entries are just so inspired and creative!! And..congrats to YOU, @konstandina, for having your own entry in the Top 8 right now!



    1. Thanks so much Leslie for clarification is needed.
      It is obvious that in this competition, are many entries from other countries, but maybe we don’t have in mind that the selection will be made from the 2 eligible countries in this contest, the US and Canada.

      ***Besides from the competition, multiple entries from each edge of the world, showing how popular is…. #OLIOLOVE

      ~Many thanks @tkpleslie

      1. Tameka Brice a.k.a. Tikib Άβαταρ
        Tameka Brice a.k.a. Tikib

        Thank you Konstadina for the opportunity to choose the top 3 boards. It was a very difficult decision. I believe the competition is stiff and all are worthy of the wins. Although the rules do specify the contestants should be from a certain country,I do hope they consider those from countries outside of the U.S.A. For example, your board is such an excellent example of an office Holly Golightly would work in. The colors, brightness, and girliy feel to it captures the legendary character portrayed by Audrey Hepburn superbly. Good Luck!

  4. Hello dear Tameka, thank you also, ~very much~ for the immediate response on my suggestion.
    I sincerely appreciate your opinion and thank you so much.!
    Except from the awards, it gives me great pleasure, the love from olioboard-members to my board.! Thanks a lot for your votes.!
    Oliofriends, Good Luck to all.!!!

  5. Good morning everyone! Today is THE day! Thank you for entering and voting for your favorites in this fun Home Office contest! I wish, personally, EVERYONE could win — everyone did such a great job and it takes a great design and a lot of work to reach the Top 8, front page, in one of Olioboard’s sponsored contests – my congratulations to each of you who made it!!

    Later today, when the contest closes, Olioboard’s judge in this contest: Erika McMahon, who writes the blog: and who also writes for Wayfair, will choose her winners of the Sheaeffer Page pens from the Top 25 eligible entries with the most votes!

    Konstadina: thank you for your support of these members you’ve featured here whose entries also made the front page –that rocks — > and so do YOU!

    Have a wonderful day everyone! Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!

    Sincerely, @tkpleslie // Leslie Carothers

    1. Thank you Leslie, thanks~
      Wishing a beautiful & creative week..!

  6. Good morning again!

    One further clarification: In every case where there is an Olioboard sponsored contest on the site, we would love it if the sponsoring brand could made their prizes available to every member who enters -no matter where they are in the world.

    In almost all cases, however, brands headquartered in the USA, can only {because of legal restrictions in the USA re: sweepstakes and contests } make their prizes available to members in the USA and Canada.

    If anyone knows of a major furniture or design brand -headquarted in a country outside of the USA -that would like to sponsor a contest on Olioboard- and would like to make its prizes available to members all over the world, please put them in touch with Sheilah at

    Thank you!

    @tkpleslie || Leslie Carothers

    1. Thanks for the very informative and necessary comments Leslie.!

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