meNimue is from Rome, Italy.

She discovered Olioboard two years ago and fell
in love with this beautiful site that offers so many chances to develop one’s creativity.




OB-anti stressOB-rusticoOB-autunnoOB-rosso!OB-lontanoOB-Dopo la nevicataOB-pioggiaOB-delicatoOB-bambooOB-softness

Nimue on olioboard

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  1. Ο/Η Nimue λέει:

    Hello dear Konstadina, thank you so much for having published some of my boards on your blog… I’m very pleased and honored! :)))

    Μου αρέσει!

  2. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Thank you my dear, Nimue.!
    Your boards on olioboard are excellent.!!!

    Μου αρέσει!

  3. Ο/Η Charisse λέει:

    I am so pleased to see Nimue’s designs featured here. She is a master at conveying a story in her highly detailed rooms where you are able to get a glimpse into her spirit.

    Μου αρέσει!

  4. Ο/Η p2arquitetura λέει:

    Very talented Oliofriend!

    Μου αρέσει!

  5. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Yes she is.! I agree with you my dear.!

    Μου αρέσει!

  6. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    I agree with you dear Charisse and I think it’s a very accurate determination of her talent.
    Thank you~

    Μου αρέσει!

  7. LOVE LOVE Nimue’s work…Konstadina I am so glad you have done a story about Nimue! Congratulations Nimue!!

    Μου αρέσει!

  8. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Me too.!!! Look her first place on olioboard contest «Nursery Nest» :
    Thank you Karen~

    Μου αρέσει!

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!! will share later on Facebook!

    Μου αρέσει!

  10. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Thank you.!!!
    *Anytime you want to update a post about new products of ~gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboards~ just send me e-mail about.

    Μου αρέσει!

  11. Konstadina THANK YOU …I do have news! …gLaM-a-PeeL is now sold at a wonderful shop called «Rosenberry Rooms» as of yesterday!

    Here is the blog announcement

    and their Facebook has a posting announcement also:

    p.s. I just shared your lovely post about Nimue on Facebook!


    Μου αρέσει!

  12. Ο/Η Taunnie λέει:

    I have been a long time fan of Nimue’s. Isn’t her work just gorgeous? She is also as sweet as she is talented. Thanks for sharing her work 🙂

    Μου αρέσει!

  13. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Oh…yes, she is.! «…her work just gorgeus» …!!!
    Thank you Taunnie~

    Μου αρέσει!

  14. Ο/Η Annette Dunlap λέει:

    Nimue is has always been one of my favorites on Olioboard….she is so incredibly talented, her designs just draw you in and you want to take in every wonderful detail! So nice to see her on your blog Konstadina!

    Μου αρέσει!

  15. Ο/Η k. λέει:

    Thanks a lot Annette.!
    Oh yes Nimue is: » incredibly talented», I love all her boards on olioboard.

    Μου αρέσει!

  16. Ο/Η sana sontag λέει:

    yes you are right, Nimue is incredibly talented. I was instantly drawn to her designs at olioboard the first time I saw them. I love her clean lines, her attention to details but most of all, how she can present them to be dreamy and yet sweet.

    Μου αρέσει!

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