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My dear oliofriend Sana Sontag is from Philippines. At the moment Sana find inspiration and new ideas at Olioboard for her new home in Newfoundland, Canada.

She is  married to a wonderful Canadian, has a 23 years old son and she feels blessed that they are a very supportive and loving family.



***I love this olioboard that has created for me:for K --- yellow overload!

……..Thank you from my heart my dear.!!!


white gold black entrywayFor W, Thanks so much!the old piano  black gold glamquiet country livingpink foreversome quiet after a long space2bluefoyer 4kitchen with a viewfluidity the sisters42179_286x20037891_286x200

Sana Sotang on olioboard IMG_0447

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  1. Hello Konstadina!…another lovely story you have done celebrating the talent on Olioboard!…Sana is a fellow Canadian! Sana your work is just magnificent and I have shared this on my Facebook biz page here:

    1. Thank you Karen.!
      Sana has her own fabulous style on her boards & I love it.!!!

  2. Great feature! I’ve been a fan of Sontag’s for a long time.

    1. Thank you Taunnie.! …& I also. 🙂

  3. Sana is one of the first people I was in awe of on the Olioboard site because of her individual one of a kind style. Her designs are innovative, glamorous and elegant.

    1. Oh, yes Charisse you are so right.! I love her magic touch on the boards.!
      Thank you for the future on your page:

      1. Thank you dea Konstandina. Your sweetness and kindness are so endearing.

    2. Oh yes, you got me again, dear K! thank you for never failing to make me smile. you are one of the first persons at the olio site who really caught my attention not only because of your designs but also because of your sweetness and kindness! thanks dear.

      1. You are so kind dear Sana, thank you.!
        In the future will be glad to see your boards on the blog.
        All the best for you and your family~

    3. Thanks so much for the inspiring words, Karen, Taunnie and Charisse! What an inspiring day this has been reading your comments. You all gave me encouragement and it I must it is a wonderful feeling! Thanks dears!

  4. Excellent post about Sana Sontag Konstadina! Sana’s designs are filled with glamour and romance….she has a such a unique and beautiful style and I just love every design she creates! Definitely another one of my Olioboard favorites. 🙂

    1. Thank you Annette,
      when I first saw Sana’s boards on olioboard I I’ve noticed that she was giving a magical touch to her boards. I keep love her style.!

      1. You are wonderfully, overwhelmingly inspiring , Konstadina! I am learning a lot from you. Your thoughts are so valuable to me. Thank you dear!!!

    2. Thanks dear Annette! This early in the morning and I am already inspired by your kind encouraging words! Your use of fiery oranges and lots of greenery in your designs have always captured my imagination. I truly enjoy the touch of whimsy you add to your designs. Thank you dear for the wonderful inspiration you have given me.

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