AM3ARCHITECTS is an architectural team, a coexistence
of our work experience, with a common purpose in
an emerging reality.
Our objective is the creation of human centered
architectural space of various scale projects, with
emphasis on simple functional forms, implemented
in a context of an increasingly vulnerable
environment. Our priority is the creative
collaboration with the client and the final user of the
architectural structure.
The founding partners of AM3, has designed and
supervised (in collaboration with other companies
such as METE SYSM, KION ARCHITECTS etc.), large
scale public and private works, such as
administrative offices, school assemblies and hotel
facilities. AM3 has also successfully participated in
Private and National architectural competitions and
Feasibility Studies for infrastructure such as
airports, sports facilities and administrative offices.
The team has designed residential and other small-
scale projects and studies concerning hotel
equipment. AM3 has also participated in the
reconstruction of architectural monuments in
AM3ARCHITECTS are collaborating with a network of
specialized consultants, depending on the needs of
each project.

M A Y G E O R G I O U Architect NTUA, MSc
Environmental Design and Engineering UCL
Studied architecture in the National Technical
University of Athens and Environmental Design in
University College of London, practiced architecture
in Athens.
A L E X D R Y M O N I T I S Architect AUTH, Post
Laurea in Urbanistica,UNI.FI
Studied architecture in the Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki and Urban Design in University of
Florence, practiced architecture in Athens and
A M A L I A S T R A T O U Architect NTUA
Studied architecture in the National Technical
University of Athens, practiced architecture in




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                                                                          40 ag. Konstantinou str.
                                                                          Athens 15124 greece
                                                               t.                   +302106300445
                                                               f.                   +302106300446
                                                               m.                  +306936655538

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