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Karen of gLaM-a-PeeL 655x462 copyKaren M. Russell from Toronto, Canada is the designer of gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboards.  The headboard is printed and shipped from California by LTL Prints.  They are not made of vinyl  –  but have the feel of a very fine vinyl. They go up on the wall directly from the peel-away paper, remove and reposition many, many times without harming walls.  You can save it back to the backing paper for future use…ideal for College students and renters!

Karen has a background as a freelance fashion and photostylist, and advertising copywriter to name a few.  gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboards was only recently launched in August of 2012 after many months of designing and after a downsizing from a full-time job.

About olioboard karen said:     

“Finding Olioboard was a dream come true as a method for making them come to life…building a portfOLIO as it were! Never imagining there was such a friendly and vibrant community ecosystem of design talent, commerce, professionals, and most importantly anyone who wants just plain fun and friendship! … Olioboard is a virtual international collaboration incubator!”   glam-a-peel wall decal headboard close-up detail RIGHTHAND side 2 LACE ON PINK jpg  glam-a-peel wall decal headboard LACE ON PINK frontal2 jpggLaM-a-PeeL wall decal headboard before & after setup2 1000X JPG copyglam-a-peel wall decal headboard close-up detail left side LACE ON PINK jpgglam-a-peel wall decal headboard side LACE ON PINK 800x jpggLaM-a-PeeL wall decal headboard TAN and WHITE HOUNDSTOOTH photo copy


gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboards were featured in TeenVogue.com  online at:                                                    14 Hot Pink Accessories for Your Bedroom

                                                                    glam-a-peel.com in Teen Vogue Hot Pink


olioboard fan room for gLaM-a-PeeL 

Glam a Peel Dog Tooth Glam-a-peel 3Glam - a -Peel board

olioboards by karen

AngelEmerald...your 15 minutes is up.gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboard Pink Houndstooth

Links: olioboard ~ website ~ twitter ~ facebook


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  1. Dear Konstadina…WOW!!!!!!! Thank you for such a wonderful story you did about me…I am so grateful to you and so honoured to be included on your fabulous design blog.

    You have such a generous spirit …you have been bringing attention to friends and talent you have met on Olioboard.com.

    This is just so COOL!… having friendships from Canada to Greece…and I am so grateful for Olioboard.com to have found you!

    #OlioLove and #OlioFriends
    xxxx ooo
    Karen,, from Toronto

    1. Many ~thanks~ dear Karen.! You are so generous with your kind words to me, I appreciate it and thank you very much.!
      Of course Olioboard is the best way for the global friendship between the members.
      And I am so glad that I met through a creative way.!

  2. What a beautiful article, it’s so nice to know a little of the background of our olioboard fan room members, and a big thank you to Karen Russell for being a regular participant in the rooms events, and for featuring my designs created around her wonderful Glam-a-Peel Headboards 🙂

    1. Oh, yes Glam-a-Peel Headboards are wonderful.!
      Thank you~ 🙂

    2. Thank you Sammi – Olioboard Fan Room founder and new friend from the UK!

      Three of the Olioboard.com room designs featured in this story were created by Olioboard member going by the name sammiibubbles

      See her fabulous imagination on Olioboard here at: http://olioboard.com/users/sammiibubbles

      Sammi and the members of Sammi’s Fan Room created designs using the wall decal headboard and I have proudly featured them on Pages 7 and 8 of the gLaM-a-PeeL website here: http://glam-a-peel.com/page/7

  3. Wonderful product, fabulous designer, FANtastic person. This is a wonderful homage to Karen of gLam-a-Peel!

    1. Frances …thank you oh fabulous Stager wonderwoman 😉 Loved your Before & After on the Staging Tips OlioHop Amazing how you do that! xxoo

    2. You are so right Frances.! The idea with those headboards it’s fantastic!
      Thank you~

  4. Konstadina, This is wonderful to see the story of the people I have gotten to know on Olioboard. Sometimes the profile pictures arear

    1. Yes, Charisse I think it’s interesting to meet oliofriends on the blog and getting more informations about them.
      Thank you~

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