OioFriends: Anne Redden~

01132012 pictureAnne is a very talented member of olioboard community from the east coast of Delaware. After 30 years in the Banking Technology field now she pours out all of her creative efforts into Interior Design.



Enjoy Anne’s olioboards:     A Rainy Day       Pattern Overload                                   137196_original140360_original142153_original143512_original140171_originalThe Rose Garden RoomTangerine & Rust Laundry Room144920_original

Anne on: olioboard & twitter

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8 απαντήσεις στο “OioFriends: Anne Redden~”

  1. Anne’s designs are always so beautiful with amazing color combinations. So nice to see her featured in your blog Konstadina….really inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much dear Annette.Yes her olioboards are wonderful & with Anne’s special touch. Here is just a little sample.

  2. It is so inspiring to see you featuring Anne, *cre8* ‘s beautiful Olioboards on your blog, Konstadina!

    What a great idea and a great way for Olioboard’s creative community to be exposed to your friends in Europe and around the world. It is so generous of you!

    I hope all of your friends meet and follow you, too, on Olioboard’s site at: http://olioboard.com/users/konstadina!

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Τhank you so much dear Leslie!
      Trying to communicate with more and more friends on Olioboard to present their olioboards & projects on blog.
      Many-many ~thanks~ to you.

  3. These are some of the most inspiring boards on Olioboard. Anne is a talented designer with a tremendous sense of color, balance and symmetry. This is a good idea to spotlight your oliofriends on your blog.

  4. Τhanks a lot dear Charisse.! I really appreciate your opinion.
    …thank you~

  5. I am so happy to see Anne’s boards featured by you K.. It really is inspiring 🙂 . Anne is such a talented creator. I simply admire each of her designs so much. Super way to showcase our Oliofriends work..

    1. Τhank you so much my dear Neeti.!
      Yes, I couldn’t choose of her olioboards one was better than other.
      To know Neeti that blog is at the disposal you except your wonderful olioboards to post about dreamlike images from weddings organized.
      With great pleasure. 🙂

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