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Beautiful Mediterranean Mosaic but oh the hood! ♥Italian Farm HouseItalian Farm House♥Copper pots at Chateau Montgeoffroy - Liore, FranceCreative Kitchen IdeasUnidentified Lifestyle by Maria Matiopoulou: Trendspotting: Moroccan tiles in the kitchen

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  1. Ο/Η Charisse λέει:

    I love the backsplash tile design in the first picture. The Moroccan tile is lovely too – reminds me of the Byzantium Inspiration board I did months ago which was from Schumacher’s wallpaper collection.

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    1. Ο/Η k. λέει:

      I aggre with you Charisse this picture is my favorite on post.
      And of course I admire your knowledge
      …thank you~

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  2. Ο/Η Charisse λέει:

    Reblogged this on Interior Design Stories.

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