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Let’s we look back on the most popular posts from the beginning of the year.         Jane Gianarelli Interior Design _________________________________________________________ ._________________________________________________________ Jane Gianarelli from Colorado-United States- was one of the four major winners of: Benjamin Moore Design Contest on olioboard & judged by:Tobi Fairley. Jane, told about the contest on olioboard: «I have been…

OlioFriends: emorell

 ….a mother of three children and is the most important thing in her life. She loves the decor, to create spaces in her house. She loves traditional decor with a modern twist. About olioboard:”My goal in olioboard is fun and know my creativity.” ********************** olioboards   *********************************************************** links:  olioboard ~  twitter

Sophia Smith~

Oliofriends: As a very active Interior Designer and Home Stager, Sophia has learned every aspect of Interior Design from demolition, to remodeling and renovation. Her accomplishments include a degree in Interior Design, and the opportunity to complete a number of commercial and residential projects. About FM Luxe Interiors: FM Luxe Interiors has a passion for…

Panache Designs~

OlioFriends: Northern Virginia, USA Interior Designer «If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all of your life».                     Frank Lloyd Wright   olioboards by Panache: Links:  olioboard ~ site  

John Nuter~

oliofriends John gives us some information about him: “design is my world, it’s part of my soul. Ever since I was young I loved studying how things were placed in a room, how the colors and textures played against each other ,how lighting affected the feel of a room etc. I’ve also always had a…

Congratulations to the Get Published winners~

  the winners of the Tobi Fairley Get Published Design Contest on olioboard   1st Sparkling Mint Bedroom 2nd Crazy for STRIPES source: olioboard    Congratulations Ladies.!!!  

Steven Gluth~

oliofriends: Steven lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and he is an Interior Design Student.                                                Steve gave us some information about himself:  “I aim to work in the field of residential design, but currently work as a chef and a mentor for two students going into the Navy. I also dive into photography and art as well….