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Charisse lives in Arizona with her husband of twenty years and her dog Romeo. She is an interior designer and frequent blogger.

She discovered Olioboard from an interior designer friend on LinkedIn a couple of years ago and has been hooked ever since.


Last year she won an award in the Zinc Door vibrant spring contest for her design Capricious which included a photograph she took while visiting Capri, Italy.

Olioboards by Charisse


She won the Wayfair contest last year for her nursery design “The Stork Arrived.”:image

Charisse loves flower arranging and is studying Ikebana the art of Japanese flower arranging from a Sogetsu master. She created an Oliboard to showcase her love of the Asian styles of Chinoiserie and Ikebana.

“Chinoiserie Meets Ikebana”:image


image                 image

She loves music, art, movies, travel and yoga and has found inspiration for many of her boards from these interests.


“Keep on the Sunnyside” from the song Keep on the Sunnyside made popular by the Carter Family and featured in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou:image

Sleepless in Seattle from the movie:image

La Boheme from the opera: image

“Pompeii” the picture in the background is from a photograph taken of a villa on a trip to Pompeii, Italy:image

“Dinner at Sunset” with a photograph from an Arizona sunset looking at the San Tan mountains: image

She also loves to bake decorated sugar cookies for every occasion. Here are some of her cookies:image

You can find her on these sites:

siteweb ~ olioboard ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ ProjectDecor ~ Linkedin ~ EtsyShop

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  1. Charisse…you are so talented and so interesting…from cookies to studying Japanese flower arranging… all the way to Pompeii!! What a delight to learn more about you and your diverse talents and businesses. I love your Olioboard “Chinoiserie Meets Ikebana” in particular ….And she’s just plain NICE too! ..;-).

  2. Konstadina, you make me feel so good inside. I appreciate your kindness and the ability you have to make those you come in contact with feel special. That my dear friend is your gift. Thank you so much for including my designs and passions in your lovely blog. You are a dear one to me.

    1. I’m so happy for this.!I love doing it & gives me a pleasure to meet talends people from all around the world.
      Charisse you are one of my favorites & I can remember when I first have seen you on olioboard. Wishing all the best for you.! 🙂
      Many thanks~

  3. Inside and out, she’s as lovely as she is talented! Love the color in your Vibrant Spring board.

  4. What a lovely article and you picked some of my favorite designs of Charisse. She used to be a neighbor, but still live nearby. She got me hooked on Olioboard.

  5. Some people have special gifts, like being able to sing, doing math problems in their head and so on. One special gift is being able recognize color and always being right when it comes to putting them together and making it cohesive and making it seem so easy. Most people think they are designers, but the real designers stand out and stand alone way above the rest of us. This is a real designer…

    1. Thank you sir Scott for your very interesting approach. Very much appreciated your opinion. Thank you~
      I particularly appreciate Charisse & her talent.
      { *Sorry for the delayed acceptance of your comment. }

    2. I agree whole heartedly with J.R. The ones like Charisse with the eye for color and design are extraordinary, very few and far between!

  6. Konstadina, I will have to let my husband know he has been elevated to a Sir. He is already my chivalrous knight! He was very impressed with the post you did about me and wanted to comment.

    1. Glad to know about that Charisse.!
      { apologize for the delay }
      Many thanks~

  7. I am still learning about Olioboard! I Love all of the fascinating designs Charisse comes up with! Thanks for sharing your many talents with the world. Greatly appreciated by these eyes!!!!

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my sweet bloggy and Olio friend Charisse! I love all her boards because not only are they spectacular but they also tell a story.

    1. Thank you I agree with you: «..they spectacular but they also tell a story.»
      Thank you~

  9. Konstadina, I fear I have gotten very behind in viewing your blog posts! Charisse has such an amazing talent! She’s done it all and been everywhere which shines through in her designs. I love reading her interesting descriptions, there’s always a great story that accompanies her very creative Olioboards! And…everyone is right…she’s just an incredibly nice person!

    1. Hello Annette,
      yes you are right: » I love reading her interesting descriptions, there’s always a great story that accompanies her very creative Olioboards!» … & me too.!
      Thank you~

  10. Hi Charisse! I have always admired your style even when I was new at Olioboard. reading this blog of Konstadina made me realize we both share 2 passions in designing– japanese ikebana arrangements and chinoiserie. I particularly am smitten with your board «Chinoiserie meets Ikebana» so wonderful and with the turquoise shades all over, it is the kind of room I would love to be in for hours and hours on end. so lovely and charming!

  11. Sana, I am so happy to learn you share the same passion for Ikebana. My design Chinoiserie Meets Ikebana is one of my favorite designs too.

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